David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Meditation/prayer based on Matthew 25: 31-40

Gracious and ever-loving God,

We enter your gates with praise for your boundless love and the many blessings you provide. For we know that your constant grace showers us like the freshness of the morning air. 

 You provide so much for us, these constant blessings that keep us alive in faith.  Your love is like the air we breathe without effort, or the sunlight that is always there to light our way.  All good things you give us without our asking: the love of friends and family, the support of this church and its leaders, the prayers that are offered in comfort and celebration.  Even in our darkest time, our lowest moments, we know that we can turn to your healing love to bind our wounds and lift our hearts.

We come before you in a time of stress and uncertainty.  The things that we knew were certain in our lives are so often thrown into confusion.  An uncaring economy changes our carefully designed career plans.  An illness or the needs of a loved one alters our long established retirement.  Social pressures challenge our raising of children in peace and safety. In so many other areas of life we find ourselves up against forces that we can’t seem to control.  In these dark moments we turn to you our Strength and our Redeemer.  For we know that you are ever present, ever loving, and responsive to our needs.  We look to you for answers to the challenges of these times.

As we bring these our troubles to you in prayer, we also lift up the needs of those around us.  We are aware of the enormous need for food and shelter in our community.  We hear of those affected by loneliness and isolation.  We see the suffering of those who are targeted for standing up for justice.  And in response to this distress, we hear the words of your Son, Jesus, who has shown us the way to find peace in a time of trouble.  His words draw us forward to feed the hungry, to give something to drink to those who thirst, to welcome those who are alone.  For as we take part in the care of all these your children we find ourselves healed in His Name.

In our own search for salvation we pray that you give us the wisdom and strength to remember the teachings and ministry of Your Son, Jesus.  With the recollection of His words and actions we re-center our lives this.

 For it is in His Name we ask this.  Amen.



Meditation/prayer based on John 2:1-11, MLK Sunday in the US.

Meditation/prayer based on John 2:1-11, MLK Sunday in the US.

Meditation/prayer for Epiphany based on Matthew 2:1-12