David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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March 17, 2019 Second Sunday in Lent based on

Spirit of the Living God

Fall afresh on us this morning, for we find ourselves so in need of your strength, as we have so often in days past.  In our time of need we lift up this prayer in your Son’s Name.  

As we look back on a troubled week, help us to remember who we are, our sacred identity as your people, your church.

And as we take long deep breaths to recenter our thoughts, bring to our minds the words of your Son, Jesus, who taught us above all to love one another.

And as we consider the challenges of the week ahead, give us the strength to continue your ministry here in our community.

For we know that in a world full of distress and conflict, of violence and hatred, that there are always those around us who need us, your people, to show them Your love.  In spite of our own weaknesses, and the feelings of distress we bear, and even the words of criticism and persecution directed at Your ministry—in spite of all these things we remain strong in Christ’s name. Even when we are weak, we find that we are strong in our faith in You.

For it is written that nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ our Savior. And it is through his teachings that we find resolve. It is through the example of His ministry that we know that all persons are loved as your children. Through the miracles of His healing we know that in Him all things are possible.  And it is through His sacrifice upon the cross in Galilee that we know that your love for us is eternal, that it overcomes all obstacles, all negativity, all distress.  Fixing our eyes on Him, we rediscover the power of His love resting on our shoulders.

We are here to serve as your witnesses here in these challenging times. Mold us, fill us, use us for your eternal purpose.

For we ask this in the name of He who calls us every day. Amen.

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