David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Meditation/prayer based on John 12:1-8, Lectionary reading for 5th Sunday in Lent

Ever giving God

You who provide for us in so many ways that we cannot begin to even count them, we are here in your presence again this week looking for answers to the questions that challenge our lives.  How is it that those who we love become ill and frail?  How can we manage the simple everyday details of living that seem to elude our control? We pray that those in our circle experience joy and success in their life journey, but it doesn’t always happen that way.  And so we bring these questions, these life challenges to you, and place them at your feet with a prayer that our lives might be turned around through our faith in You, that we might finally find peace and hope.

Give us grace as we approach You, that we might be uplifted by your presence.  Just as Martha was reassured by the words of Jesus as she anointed his feet with oil, so we find comfort in your constant presence in your creation that surrounds us.  Your love for us is like a sweet perfume that is always there for us, filling our lives and sustaining us in our times of trouble.

Uphold us this day we ask, O Lord, and in the days ahead.  Accept these gifts we return as our thanks for your generosity towards us.  Enter our lives that we might see your hands holding us up even in times that seem difficult and without direction. For we know that You are our God, and that Your Son came to save us and keep us whole.  And for this we sing our praise to You today.


Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading for Palm Sunday, Luke 19: 28-40

Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading for Palm Sunday, Luke 19: 28-40

Prayer/meditation for fourth Sunday in Lent based on Lectionary reading Lk 15:1-3, 11b-32