David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading Luke 6:27-38: Love your enemies

Loving God,

You who show your love for us in the warmth of the rising sun,

And the beauty of the colors of the sunset,

Who is with us in all things, in every moment.

When our lives encounter darkness;

As well as times of joy and excitement,

 We your people come before you in celebration of this world of

Love, beauty and grace that you have bestowed upon us.

The wonders of the universe proclaim your presence,

The beauty of a tiny flower shouts out your love for us,

The bond of friendship among us here today demonstrates your grace.

 For it is by your grace that we hold on in the strife of everyday living,

It is by this grace that we share each other’s burdens,

And it is by this grace that we find common ground with all persons

Even with those we don’t understand.

Even with those with whom we disagree.

 Open our hearts, our minds and our spirits this day,

To the wonder of the diversity of your people.

To the beauty of your Creation,

To the glory of a world our minds will never fully comprehend.

 Be with us all, we ask, as we go forth into a world full of challenges,

A world you have given us to work your will us to love each other,

As we live out our own faith in You through the witness of your Son,

Who is with us always, and is there to Save us all.

For this we ask in His Name.


Meditation/prayer for March 3, 2019. Last Sunday after Epiphany. Transfiguration Sunday. Lk. 9:28-43.

Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading: Luke 6:17-26: Sermon on the Mount