David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading: Luke 6:17-26: Sermon on the Mount

O God our Creator and life giving Spirit:

You who created each one of us, and who calls us each by name,

We gather ourselves before you in the midst of the challenges of the everyday,

The week that has just passed, the week that lies ahead,

And in this time of prayer and fellowship,

We lift up our response to this your call to us.

For we chase after the wind seeking wisdom,

And try to make straight the crooked path that is before us,

Uncertain as to how we can best serve you

In a time of turmoil and trouble,

We’re in a time when at times nothing makes sense,

Lessons from our past are forgotten;

Our view of the future has vanished before us.

And in these times of uncertainty we turn to you for guidance,

We look to the words of Scripture for timeless truth,

We hear the words of your Son our Savior,

Who came to save us from our confusion, from our turmoil;

From sin and death itself.

We see how he stilled the waves of the storm,

How he healed the wounds of his people,

How he gave himself in love for all persons,

Without regard to their identity, their religion,

Their position of power, or of powerlessness.

He loved them all without reservation, unconditionally,

And he loves us all today.  In this place.  This morning.

And so it is that we find our compass for living once again.

Our sense of our history, of our identity, of our direction

Is restored this morning in our worship of you.

As we listen to the words from Scripture,

As we hear the interpretation of your Word,

As we sing together the songs both old and new

We are healed in the blessing of your divine Spirit.

We are brought together in your message of love and kindness.

 Knowing that in our times of sadness, in our moments of hunger,

In our times of weeping or suffering in your name,

That you are with us; that we are blessed even in our times of trouble;

That Jesus our Savior lived among us to save us,

And is there for us in this day that you have given us.

For celebrate all this in His name this day.  Amen


Meditation/prayer based on Lectionary reading Luke 6:27-38: Love your enemies

Meditation/prayer based on Matthew 5:21-26