David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Friendship: a prayer/meditation

Friendship: a prayer/meditation

God of never-ending love,

Who stands with us in our lowest moments of disappointment and heartache,

and is also jumping for joy in the excitement of our celebrations and connections to one another,

We know that we grow in our friendships with one another, through our differences and our similarities, our arguments and the embrace that must follow.

We find ourselves now looking to move closer to you through the love and compassion of those who form our world. For even as we try to change the world outside ourselves, even as we work to right the wrongs of a world filled with strife, and heal the hurts of those to whom we are attached—even as we do all these things to help one another—we come to You to heal the injuries that are within us. As we have harmed others perhaps without planning to do so, or even noticing the damage, we seek your wisdom and Your forgiveness. As we have been obstacles to another’s progress in life, help us to see the way to unconditional love of another one of Your children.

And as we seek direction and guidance for this transformation, turn our hearts and souls towards the words and ministry of Your Son our Lord Jesus. For He is the One who taught us above all else to love one another, to live in connection with each other. Not to be like the Pharisees, He taught us, those who love only those who love us. But to become more like You, O God, and to love all persons, in all places, at all times, as if they were one of us.

And so it is today we seek to deepen our love for one another, for those in need, for those who are helpless and vulnerable, those different from us, those who don’t look or act like we do. Help us to heal the divisions that separate us from one another, that we may grow and transformed in Your Name.

For we ask this all in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen..

Prayer for reconnecting 9-8-19

Memorial Day meditation /prayer based on Lectionary John 14:27-28

Memorial Day meditation /prayer based on Lectionary John 14:27-28