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Prayer for reconnecting 9-8-19

Prayer 09-08-19

Eternal Spirit

Who is with us in these seasons of change, with the warm days of summer behind us, and the challenges of cooler times ahead;

We come to You this morning aware of our own finiteness in this Your infinite universe. We strive to live as You have shown us, to follow the teachings and example of Your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Yet so often we have fallen short, responding to the self centered demands of a frantic busy world. We live out a week of days filled with schedules and obligations, distracted away from the life that You would have us live.

And so it is that we come to Your House today feeling exhausted from our striving, yet somehow empty, devoid of purpose.
Yet we rally our spirits this morning in Your care, making the transition to to the excitement of the fall season. Enter our hearts this morning, fill our emptiness with your abiding love, strengthen us in reconnecting to your will, and renew us in the vitality of your message.
Give us the wisdom to see ourselves as You do, as your children moving through a complex world of obstacles and opportunities. Grant us the humility we need to see the needs of others who are our neighbors, whether they live next door, across town, or in another community. Help us that we might be willing to share our resources in Your Name, that we remember those who are sick, those who are isolated, those who cannot speak for themselves. And my we overcome our blindness to the common humanity that we share with all persons, with all our differences.

Bless us in the coming days, we ask You, that we might continue to be held in the palms of your divine hands, leading us ever closer to You.

For we ask this n the Name of your Son Jesus, who came to save us. Amen.

Friendship: a prayer/meditation

Friendship: a prayer/meditation