David Rahn is a pastor, social worker, and writer in Michigan.

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Prayer based on Lectionary for 9-22-19: Luke 16:1-13

Life giving Spirit

Who sustains us in this season of shortening days, as the earth anticipates the coolness of the fall season; we turn this morning to your promise of light in the midst of the darkness of the world around us. 

We come to you with hymns of praise, and songs of thanksgiving for the gift of life and love that you provide.  For in the world of challenges that we face every day, we know we can always turn to You our sustainer and life giving Spirit.  In this our community of faith we share one another’s burdens, listen to each other’s stories as we unwind from the events of the days and weeks gone by.  We come together through our trust in You, remembering your promise of forgiveness and love.  For we know that no matter what might have happened to us, or even the transgressions that we ourselves have committed, that the power of healing and recovery is there in the light of your love.  We find the miracle of this your abiding love in the faith and loving spirit of our friends in faith, our community of loving relationships.

We know that all things are possible through our faith in Your Son our Lord Jesus.  He led us with his healing of the lepers and the blind.  He taught us to love You more than money or power.  He showed us in his life of giving and sacrifice the eternal truth of helping others, the blessings that come to us from sharing and understanding each other’s burdens.  He showed us with his death upon the Cross, and his return to a Resurrected life, that our faith will overcome death.  It will overcome suffering. It will help us restore our lives finding a renewed hope in salvation, in leading a new life of hope in a time of darkness.

We ask that you give us the courage to lean into your light and your hope. We seek the salvation that is there for us today through our faith in Your Son, Jesus.  For it is in His Name that we pray.




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